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Project information





Residential renovation

Rosemont - Montréal


2 000 sq ft

The Christophe-Colomb apartment, located in the Rosemont neighborhood in Montreal, undergoes the renovation of a residential unit of approximately 2,000 square feet.


The addition of windows on the side and rear facades has significantly improved the natural light intake on the ground floor of this duplex.

The client's request included the complete renovation of living spaces, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and office.



The kitchen, being the focal point of the project, now offers a spacious workspace and a more efficient use of the area. The addition of an island allows for smooth circulation despite the narrowness of the room.

The fine moldings on the cabinet doors strike a balance between a contemporary and a more classic style. The contrast between the greige tone of the wall and the white cabinets brings out the porous texture of the existing brick.


The bathroom layout follows the same concept as the kitchen. The white oak vanity harmonizes with other custom elements, such as the dining table.

The arrangement of whites and grays with other natural materials such as oak, brick, and marble gives this project a soft and understated feel. Indeed, the term "nuance" aptly describes the essence of the concept behind this transformation.

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