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Residential renovation

Little Italy - Montreal


1 100 sq ft

The Petite Italie project is a major transformation in the Rosemont neighborhood of Montreal, located in a former shop on Drolet Street.


The space features unique characteristics, including large front windows and high ceilings.

During the demolition phase, the discovery of a drop reduced the total ceiling height by about two feet. 

We took advantage of this opportunity to create a play of heights between the front and back areas of the unit.

The new layout provides a spacious living space that integrates the living room, dining area, and kitchen. The addition of a large sliding door at the back allows for a more significant influx of natural light.


The dark green cabinets in the kitchen give a unique character to the space, standing out from other classically styled materials in monochromatic tones.

The textured cabinet door adds an organic aspect to the kitchen, which, as a whole, features clear and sharp lines.



Some accents such as wood, painted brick, and terrazzo flooring create a familiar and cozy atmosphere. The bathroom seamlessly follows suit with cohesive design elements.

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