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New construction

Poisson Blanc regional park


500 sq ft

The Parc régional du Poisson Blanc, located in the Hautes-Laurentides region, is a destination for canoe camping enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park offers a forest accommodation concept that provides a unique experience on the shores and islands of Lake Poisson Blanc.

The "Le Pic" created in collaboration with the architects from L'Abri, follows in the footsteps of "La Pointe" (the minor peak), a refuge for two people designed and built by the same architects in 2018. A short walk through a wooded trail leads to the refuge, where the back and side facades, along with the regular pattern of windows, are visible from the path.

The simple and elongated volumetry, with a single-sloped roof, creates a long covered balcony that opens onto the cedar forest and the tranquil lake. The natural cedar cladding will age gracefully over time. Entry is through the screened porch, which also provides access to a summer bed located in the mezzanine.

Inside, the minimalist layout of the main living space is organized around integrated furniture that serves as storage, kitchen, and seating. A daybed near the stove allows for firewood storage while creating a space to enjoy the warmth of the fire. The large sliding glass door provides direct access to the covered terrace.

The second level features two custom double beds with integrated storage and additional lighting. The nighttime area layout offers privacy for travelers and a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest upon waking. The material selection for the project aimed to meet the client's requests regarding origin and durability of finishes, ensuring a sustainable and easy-to-maintain project.

Compact and comfortable, the space can easily accommodate four travelers and offers a flexible living environment according to the visitors' needs. Soft and timeless, Le Pic is a serene place that allows visitors to fully enjoy the tranquility of nature.

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