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Office design

Plateau-Mont-Royal - Montreal


8 000 sq ft

Cartier is an advertising agency offering various services in creation, strategy, and media in Montreal. The envisioned project for the company exemplifies a partial redesign of an existing workspace.


Aware of the evolving work methods, the company aims to revitalize specific areas of its leased suite. These renovations aim to create a more functional, collaborative, and hybrid work environment.

By undertaking this transformation, Cartier Agency seeks to primarily provide an enhanced work experience, fostering productivity and well-being for its employees within the company.


This space embodies the "life of Cartier," contributing to anchoring its culture and identity through a physical space.

At the entrance, the addition of a custom wooden library and a transparent polycarbonate accent wall creates a welcoming ambiance. The latter emphasizes a play of textures and light while integrating the brand's imageThe idea of a formal reception was abandoned during the design process to better utilize the existing area.


Instead, a versatile lounge is created, serving as both a waiting area and a transition zone. Modular furniture plays a significant role in establishing a comfortable and accessible setting for different space users. Four dedicated video conferencing rooms have been integrated to meet the demands of various teams. In the kitchen, the addition of an island significantly enhances the functionality of the space.

Additionally, a banquette is added to accommodate more guests, providing extra comfort for those who wish to spend more time in the cafeteria. Furthermore, the redesign of the studio space takes a central role in the office space transformation. This area is equipped with several comfortable and modular seats to facilitate team meetings.


A projector is made available for visualizing and sharing concepts, thus promoting the realization of creative ideas. Moreover, this space proves to be versatile, as it can be used for special events such as 5@7 gatherings, presentations, and various other occasions.

In summary, the Cartier project represents an example of a redesign that dynamically addresses the changing needs of the organization. Several interventions, including the addition of rooms, the design of custom furniture, and the selection of new furniture, have allowed the company to breathe new life into the overall workspace.

This project highlights the importance of the adaptability of our built spaces, which must remain resilient and evolving over time to meet the changing requirements of professional environments.

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