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Office design

Villemard - Montreal


6 000 sq ft

The offices of Sodexo in Montreal, envisioned by Vives St-Laurent and L’Abri, showcase their vision of the workspace. Built upon common values between designers and clients, the project emphasizes the concept of Quality of Life Spaces.

This design concept is rooted in well-being, flexibility, innovation, and the importance of the human and social aspect of our work environments. It promotes a dynamic organization of spaces and work modes, minimalist and warm design, and special attention to the comfort and health of users.


Fully realized in 2020, the concept proves to be particularly resilient in the face of challenges revealed by the pandemic.

At the heart of the project, the large dining room and professional kitchen serve as a multifunctional space that can transform during events. Areas furnished with light furniture anticipate the company's growth.


The spaces in the Sodexo project are divided into a series of modules offering moments for work, collaboration, focus, socializing, cooking, meditating, and learning. The open-plan layout encourages equality, sharing, and movement.

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