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Office design

Park Ex - Montreal


6 500 sq ft

The Alvéole Office is the new headquarters of the Montreal-based urban beekeeping company of the same name. The constantly expanding team enlisted the services of Vives St-Laurent Studio to renovate their new space of approximately 6,500 square feet. 


The self-supporting building once served as a cosmetics laboratory. With a typology resembling that of a small school, the space is organized around a central corridor leading to various rooms on either side.

We successfully opened up the space while preserving as many elements as possible. The result provides the Alvéole team with a customized environment featuring multiple textures from the past.




With around forty employees based in Montreal, Alvéole now has a headquarters that reflects their image. Functional, the space includes a large conference room, a lounge, several open and semi-closed offices, a cafeteria, a classroom, a production area, and a phone room.

Furniture pieces made of steel, such as the library, glass partition, and work islands, create a contrast of lightness with the exposed concrete structure of the building.

The Alveole Office, with its subtle design, is an environment that will enable the team to fully evolve. Indeed, the program developed by our team has identified the immediate and future needs of the organization in constant change.

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