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Office design

Mile End - Montreal


3 000 sq ft

Opslock is a space designed for the company of the same name whose mission is to implement pragmatic solutions to limit accidents and risks for workers in an industrial environment.

The platform set up by young Montrealers is booming thanks to the popularity of using mobile applications in professional circles.

Our mandate consists of the planning of a 3000 square foot commercial suite located in Mile-End in Montreal. The clients had the idea of creating an accessible and comfortable environment, reflecting their corporate values focused on transparency. 

Upon arrival at the Opslock offices, visitors have access to two meeting rooms that can accommodate 4 people. A rental system allows for good management of spaces, so that they are used to their full potential. The integration of custom-made wooden furniture provides functional storage and demarcates the reception area. Not needing a formal reception, we enter a friendly office that goes beyond conventions.

The office also includes a closed work room and a meeting room that can accommodate 8 to 10 people as needed. Open-plan workstations make use of felt dividers allowing privacy between employees. 

The partition separating the kitchen from the work area allows privacy and divides the main uses of these areas which require concentration on the one hand and more active activities on the other. The addition of a glass wall in the cafeteria also allows this area to be divided while providing users with natural light.


The use of white painted steel, wood, felt and colored cork creates a neutral and playful atmosphere at the same time. Warm tones are in fact used to cover the interior walls of meeting rooms. The addition of frosted glass lighting fixtures diffuses soft light and recalls the comfort of the residential environment.

At the request of our customers, we have integrated a Room telephone booth, a New York product, which promotes privacy and reduces noise pollution during videoconference meetings or calls.

Simple and effective, Opslock is a project that represents a well-thought-out use of space based on the changing needs of this ever-evolving organization.

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