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Tenet, designed by Vives St-Laurent, built by Manovra — Photo © Alex Lesage 13.jpg

Project information





Office design

Ville-Marie - Montreal


15000 sq ft

The new headquarters of Tenet is situated in the heart of the Cité Multimédias sector, near Old Montreal, a prime location favored by many large enterprises. This space spans two floors, becoming a central point for coordinating the organization's multiple branches and projects.


This project focuses on a complete renovation of the existing space while preserving the already established offices and meeting rooms. The current program perfectly meets the company's needs, comprising 14 individual offices and 3 meeting rooms.

As part of this renovation, improvements were made, including the creation of a new reception area, modifications to glass partitions, and the selection of new lighting and furniture throughout. These adjustments aim to revitalize the corporate suite, giving it new life and enhancing its functional character while preserving its elegance.


Upon entering the workspace, the agora is immediately revealed, a double-height space furnished with flexible furniture, including movable tables and chairs. This approach provides great versatility to the area, allowing it to adapt according to the needs of the moment.

At the center of this space, a U-shaped sofa creates an ideal setting for informal meetings between different teams, promoting casual interactions. This layout also encourages light work and spontaneous collaboration, providing an environment conducive to idea exchange and fostering innovation.


The area is thoughtfully designed to meet the company's changing needs, creating an environment conducive to productivity and cooperation, while fostering a dynamic culture of collaboration.


At the entrance, a custom white oak piece of furniture serves as both a reception counter and a storage area for visitors. This customized solution was designed to optimize space, given the small size of the reception area.

Behind the reception area, two meeting rooms are available for small groups, accommodating 4 to 6 people. This arrangement ensures smooth and quick circulation for visitors and company employees, providing a welcoming experience from the moment they arrive.


Near the work area, a lounge offers a relaxation space equipped with a television, promoting informal and connected meetings between colleagues. Additionally, this versatile space meets a specific client request by also serving as a video game room.


The wooden furniture, in addition to its functional role, ensures a subtle visual separation within this space while offering clever storage space for various games and accessories, contributing to the organized and tidy environment of the workspace.

The existing staircase, left unchanged, leads to a walkway giving access to the private offices of the company's management team. Upstairs, the main conference room is designed to comfortably accommodate more than 12 people. Besides the private offices, this area also houses an open-plan workspace intended for one of the company's teams.


The kitchen, located upstairs, is isolated to reduce noise from more active activities. It features a large banquette that can accommodate several guests at once. The introduction of ambient lighting gives this space a warm and relaxed atmosphere, reminiscent of the friendly ambiance of Montreal cafes.

Furthermore, the kitchen island subtly sports a pale blue hue, reflecting the company's color palette and making a discreet nod to the brand image. This space not only offers a dining area but also a work and meeting environment, promoting versatility and friendliness for users.This meticulously designed renovation goes beyond a simple space renovation.



It demonstrates how well-thought-out office design can foster a productive, inspired, and collaborative corporate culture while providing functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance employee well-being. This project exemplifies how interior design can significantly contribute to the success and vitality of today's businesses.

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